Why Codacy

  • Save hours of development
    Save hours of development

    We automatically review code, helping developers become more efficient

  • Ship better code, faster
    Ship better code, faster

    Get reports on new issues and the impact on key software metrics

  • Track your code quality
    Track your code quality

    CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Technical managers are able to track the code evolution and identify what should be improved

How much time are engineers spending on manual code reviews?

After surveying thousands of engineers we found out that on average engineers spend 28% of their time reviewing code.

How much time can Codacy save?

Codacy handles more than 1 billion code lines every day.
In the end we save between 30-60% time in code reviews.

save up to

We also help you

  • Identify security issues
    Identify security issues
  • Merge with confidence
    Merge with confidence
  • Improve code quality
    Improve code quality
  • Onboard developers faster
    Onboard developers faster
  • Outsource safely
    Outsource safely

Trusted By

Cancer Research UK
47 Degrees
Schneider Electric

Akara Sucharitakul
Akara Sucharitakul

Principal MTS at Paypal

"We came to rely on Codacy to analyze every commit and every pull request to catch code quality issues, manage code coverage, or even new bugs before we even accept the pull request, saving us a huge amount of churn and cost."

Raúl Raja
Raúl Raja

CTO at 47 Degrees

"Codacy has probably saved us over two hours a day of valuable engineering time."

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Jules Ivanic
Jules Ivanic

Colisweb Lead Developer and Technical Architect

"Code quality is an everyday job; it’s the responsibility of every member of the team and Codacy is a very good assistant in that everyday job."

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Elton Minetto
Elton Minetto

CEO at Coderockr

"With Codacy our code review process became fast and precise, especially thanks to the integration with GitHub and Slack. Now our team can receive an analysis in each commit and improve the code right away."

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