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Never be afraid of breaking code again. Monitor, maintain, and improve test coverage.

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Get your code into shape by monitoring,
and expanding test coverage

Complete view into code coverage

Monitor your code coverage across more than 40 languages and frameworks.

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Easily expand code coverage for all your code

Having visibility and focus enables your team to easily expand coverage for new and existing code.

Start with just a few clicks. Simple tools that developers love.

Codacy fits natively into your developers' existing Git tooling such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

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Maintain coverage with enforced targets and thresholds

Get consistent test coverage with specific targets and thresholds to avoid Pull Requests that don’t meet your policy standards.

Keep your Code Coverage high

Codacy Coverage is part of our DevOps platform – one place to guarantee the quality of your codebase.

Made with your tools in mind

Easily connect Codacy Coverage with popular Git providers.