About Codacy

Building the future of engineering

In the billions and billions of lines of code written, engineers are building software and services we’ll use every day to progress in our work and our lives. It’s not an easy task - they have to work under the pressures of producing software of supreme quality at a faster and faster time to ship. The engineers of the future don’t want to be held back by the mistakes of the past.

That’s why we built Codacy, the platform that saves developers thousands of hours of time in code review and code quality monitoring. We wanted to let engineers get on with the parts of their work that will change the world, while we make the process of creating high quality software easy.

Codacy team works everyday to bring code quality to more than thousands of customers.
At Codacy we value processes and are always looking to improve the ones we have in place.


We are passionate about processes that create efficiency and help us test for and achieve quality. We know mistakes are an inevitable part of the process, but we plan for this and know we can correct quickly.

We have high standards that can only be met through collaboration.


We hold ourselves and each other to very high standards, we have a lot of fun working together along the way.

Our team has many different people from different backgrounds.

Sharing knowledge

While some have come from engineering backgrounds, many have come from disciplines including marketing, data science, law and more.