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SAST, DAST, IAST, and RASP: Key Differences and How to Choose

Group 370

Spotlight Whitepaper by IDC on Importance of Automated Code Review Technologies

Group 370

The Essential Developer Toolbox for Businesses

Give your software development and DevOps teams the tools they need to efficiently optimize and secure their code.

Codacy for Business Toolbox

Build High Quality, Secure Applications

Integrate and Scale Quickly

Get up and running effortlessly and start increasing quality, test coverage, and security today. Codacy is a plug-and-play solution to quickly onboard and scale your team’s projects without hassle. 

  • Start scanning git repos and code changes in minutes

  • Predictable user-based pricing model

  • Works with over 49 languages & frameworks

Integrate and scale quickly
Boost Developer Efficiency

Boost Developer Efficiency

Say goodbye to grappling with complex code quality and security issues. Codacy simplifies and streamlines these processes, enabling your developers to focus on what they do best—creating innovative code and business functionality.

  • Establish and maintain coding best practices

  • Enable developers to focus on creating value

  • Fix issues faster with AI suggestions

Measure Engineering Performance

Easily track your progress and make informed decisions to improve the quality and security posture for all of your organization’s software. Codacy makes it simple to measure your organization's KPIs for code quality, coverage, security, and engineering performance.

  • Monitor and enforce minimum coding standards

  • Track and report improvements overtime

  • Identify risk and bottlenecks early

Measure engineering performance
Mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

Shift security and quality left in your development process without adding complexity to your developers' workflow. Codacy helps you effortlessly ensure compliance with industry standards.

  • Nail security audits for ISO, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and more

  • Never miss critical remediation deadlines

  • Scan code with static analysis and applications at runtime

Automation opens up opportunities to scan for coding issues that aren’t possible to detect manually

As teams continuing to “shift left,” it is increasingly important to automate more pieces of the development process.

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"Codacy makes sure that we do security testing on code automatically so the developer doesn't have to worry about it."

Tim Van Loosbroek
Head of Infrastructure and Security

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