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Into the Breach: Business Survival in the Age of Accelerating Cyber Threats

Security is increasingly becoming a shared responsibility across all teams involved in software development and deployment. Having a solid DevSecOps stack that integrates security from the outset ensures that security doesn't become a bottleneck in the later stages, preventing last-minute scrambles and vulnerabilities.

But is this a realistic approach for smaller teams at startups and mid-size companies? What is the easiest, most cost-effective way for any Engineering Manager to raise the bar on code quality and security? How can small teams ensure that every app meets their code quality, security and testing standards, before code is ever pushed to production?

Re-watch our live talk from DeveloperWeek 2024, by Codacy CEO and Co-Founder Jaime Jorge.

In this talk:

Costs are going to accelerate
Understand why the cost of cyber crime is accelerating faster than amount spent to defend it
Some companies will suffer more than others

SMBs are at higher risk of an attack because only 14% are prepared to defend cyber attacks.

The impact of AI
The impact of AI on Security: companies will have to switch from defense to offense