A fellowship program to sponsor and support people who build, maintain, and contribute to innovative open source projects.

Meet the Pioneers

Why Open

As a company founded by two developers, it has always been our ambition to give back to the community in some way.

Codacy Pioneers is our small contribution to fuelling the continued vibrancy and greatness of one of our most precious public assets.

A Fellowship for
Open Source creators

Pioneers will receive mentorship from top OSS developers, financial support, promotional resources, and free tooling. 


Meet the Pioneers

A global community of passionate and innovative open-source creators


Adam Lui

Adam is all-in on artificial intelligence and has dedicated his open-source work to accelerating its progress. He founded Microsoft and OpenAi-funded KudoAI and is the creator of chatgpt.js, a popular JavaScript library that empowers developers to build AI applications.


Alexandra Ogubuike

Alexandra is a passionate web3 evangelist and a real positive influence in the open-source community. She is a Google WomenTechmaker and Product Pro ambassador at Consensys who offers mentorships to tech newbies.

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Arman Bilge

Arman is a Scala superstar and a crucial contributor to the Typelevel Ecosystem, contributing to dozens of libraries, coordinating releases, updating build infrastructure, and more. 


Artem Zakharchenko

Artem is a medical school graduate with ambitions to make open-source development his full-time gig. His MSW API mocking library for browser and Node.js, used by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and GitHub, could change how API testing works. 

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Best Ibitoye-Rotimi

Best is guided by the mission of making education accessible for all. His ambitious Classroomio project is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that strives to automate and enrich learning experiences in and outside the classroom.


Geoffrey Hutchison

Geoffrey combines his passions for science and technology to create innovative and helpful open-source projects. A chemistry professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Geoffrey has created an app that helps teach practical chemistry. He is also the founder and lead developer of Open Babel: The Open Source Chemistry Toolbox.


Giovanni Pellerano

Giovanni is the project lead at GlobalLeaks, a free, open-source whistleblowing platform that enables users to report human rights violations securely. This open-source technology is currently used in more than 10,000 projects. 


James Ball

James is just as passionate about oscilloscope music as he is about giving artists free access to helpful tools. In a marketplace dominated by corporate products, Ball strives to create open-source audio plugins that artists can use freely to spark innovation and creativity. 


Jesse Duffield

Jesse is known far and wide in the open-source community as “the lazy developer,” but he’s truly anything but. His lazygit, lazydocker, and many other projects are widely used and well-rated. Jesse is also a brilliant content creator—his “The Pursuit of Laziness” blog is a must-read for any OSS creator.


Mateusz Burzyński

Mateusz is a passionate bug-fixer and contributes heavily to several popular open source projects. His contributions to Microsoft’s Typescript are wide-reaching, and can impact many other companies like Codacy.


Maximilian Hils

Maximilian is part of the core team at Mitmproxy, a powerful, free, open-source HTTPS proxy. The software he’s building has been used to find countless security vulnerabilities, helped journalists at the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal uncover privacy violations, and helps thousands of developers save time debugging their network communication daily.


Ryan Curtin

Ryan has been an open-source enthusiast and recently left full-time employment to focus on his open-source projects. He is the main contributor to the increasingly popular MLpack machine-learning library.


Sebastian Ramirez

Sebastián is the creator of FastAPI and many other open-source tools used by developers worldwide and tech giants like Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, and Cisco. He is very involved in the OSS community and has been building APIs, machine-learning tools, and data systems with companies across the globe.

Mentorship from Top OSS Devs

Get mentorship from top open source developers.

Ruth Ikegah
Open Source Consultant at Bittergia
Community & OSS Funding
Evan You
Creator of VueJS
Scaling Open Source
Johannes Schickling
Founder of Prisma & Overtone
Local first
Christoph Nakazawa
CEO at Nakazawa Tech
Building Open Source Communities
Jerome Petazzoni
Co-founder of Enix
Non-code Contributions

Publicity for your OSS project

We will create a video series about the Fellowship highlighting the amazing work of the winners.

Free use of Codacy tools

As long as projects are active you will have access to all Codacy tools for free.

Each fellow will receive $500/ month

For 12 months, each fellow will receive $500 to support a project of their choice.


The Codacy Pioneers Fellowship is a program for people building great open source projects. The Pioneers will receive mentorship from top OSS developers, cash sponsorship in the form of $500 per month, tooling, and publicity for their projects.

We will consider anyone involved in open source as a maintainer, creator, or contributor. For the first edition of the program, we opened applications to all OSS creators, maintainers and contributors, focusing on any field—including but not limited to software, hardware, firmware, design, and infrastructure projects. The project must be released publicly under a standard open-source license. Applications for this year are now closed!

We are looking for open-source projects from passionate creators who want to make a real impact on the world. We are excited to hear about what you believe makes your project special.

Applications now closed! The Pioneers will be announced in October 2023. The program runs for twelve months, until October 2024. This is a trial project. If it is helpful to the community we will do our best to run it annually. You can keep an eye on this page to check on the Pioneers progress.