How refactoring components got a lot easier at Friendkhana

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Luis Ciudad García - CTO Friendkhana
Luis Ciudad García
CTO at Friendkhana

“Our codebase quality has improved, we have reduced duplicated code and lower complexity.”

Introducing Friendkhana

Friendkhana is a micro-surveys platform that allows merchants owners to know their customer better and to generate qualified leads based on social information.

Merchants using Friendkhana ask concise and direct questions through Quizzes, thus getting answers and social information about customers. With all of that data, they can categorize and cluster their databases and perform more accurate marketing campaigns.

They mainly use Ruby on Rails for their development and have an infrastructure based on Heroku and PostgreSQL. They host their code on BitBucket.

We spoke with Luis.

Before Codacy

Friendkhana began development by following the best practices in the rails_best_practices gem. However, soon after they realized they needed a more complex code analysis in order to keep everything clean, especially JavaScript, since it was not their main language.

They embarked on a search for a suitable product that would also keep track of the results and it didn’t take them long to find Codacy.

With Codacy

In their development process, a commit is not rejected because it has issues, but those issues are fixed right away by the developer who created them, so Codacy is a perfect fit for them.

Luis shared some insights with us on the benefits of using Codacy:

“Now we are aware of more bad smells and we try to keep the number of issues as low as possible. Codacy has helped us standardize our coding styles.”

They also use the goals system:

“Also, we create goals in our sprint planning meetings and we check them using Codacy stats on the retrospective meetings.”

And, if this was not enough, there are also clear benefits when it comes to tracking down bugs:

“Codacy saves us tons of time when we need to refactor a component or if we have to track down a bug because our codebase quality is definitely better.”

Final Words

As many of our users, Friendkhana has noticed an increase in code quality:

“Our codebase quality has improved, we have reduced duplicated code and lower complexity.”

The best thing about Codacy in Luis’ opinion:

“User Interface is great, the dashboard is really useful. Support for our entire stack (CSS, JavaScript, Ruby) is also a plus.”