How costly is your tech debt?

  • *Dev Teams spend 42% of their week working on tech debt
  • *Codacy recovers up to 25% of lost engineering time
  • *That’s an equivalent of having 25% more developers without staffing cost
Cost of technical debt
Codacy Cost
Codacy ROI *

*Considering that Codacy only optimizes work related to tech debt and maintenance. In fact, Codacy helps developers regardless of their current development goals

Seamless integration

Codacy automatically checks every commit and PR as soon as it occurs, and provides immediate quality feedback directly inside your git provider (GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab), flagging issues in-line and blocking bad merges.

All metrics in one place

Codacy displays the current state and trend for the most important code quality metrics (security, style, duplication, complexity and coverage), mapped out across your projects – from high-level org and repo overviews down to individual files, pull requests and commits.

Security monitor

Codacy helps prepare for any audit by flagging security issues as they enter your code base. Share security awareness and get an early alert system for critical issues, such as XSS, input validation and hardcoded credentials – all in one place.