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Check code style, security, duplication, complexity and coverage on every change while tracking code quality throughout your sprints.

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Codacy saves hours in code review and code quality monitoring,
from small teams to big companies.

  • Schneider Electric
  • Adobe
  • Kiva
  • 47 Degrees
  • My Fonts
  • Unbabel

Save time in
Code reviews

Automatically identify new static analysis issues, code coverage, code duplication and code complexity evolution in every commit and pull request.

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Integrated in your Workflow

Codacy is flexible and adapts to your code review process. Codacy pushes results as comments in your pull requests or as notifications in Slack or Hipchat channels.

Codacy also plays nice with your Continuous Integration tools and serves as an ideal complement to your unit tests.

Integrated in your workflow

Track your project
quality evolution

Get a code quality glance at your project and track its quality evolution over time. Our dashboard answers three main questions:

  • _What is the state of your projects code quality?
  • _How is it evolving throughout time?
  • _What are the hotspots in my code?
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What our customers say

Akara Sucharitakul
Akara Sucharitakul

Principal MTS at Paypal

"We came to rely on Codacy to analyze every commit and every pull request to catch code quality issues, manage code coverage, or even new bugs before we even accept the pull request, saving us a huge amount of churn and cost."

Raúl Raja
Raúl Raja

CTO at 47 Degrees

"Codacy has probably saved us over two hours a day of valuable engineering time."

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