How Colisweb uses Codacy to improve their code quality

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Jules Ivanic

Colisweb Lead Developer and Technical Architect

“Code quality is an everyday job; it’s the responsibility of every member of the team and Codacy is a very good assistant in that everyday job.”

About Colisweb

Colisweb is a three years old startup based in Lille, in the north of France; they are building software-defined transportation infrastructure.

The goal of their platform is to leverage data to offer same-day deliveries in as little as two hours or in a time slot of your choice.

While building systems that work with existing workflows, they’ll be putting in place the technical infrastructure to support all kind of mobility and flow consolidation.

We spoke with Jules Ivanic, lead developer and technical architect.

Before Codacy

Colisweb’s first proof of concept was developed with Ruby and RoR, but has since evolved into Scala, Play framework and Akka-streams. They also use ES6, ReactJS and Flow.

From the very beginning they followed Vincent Driessen‘s Git branching model, with every line of code merged in the `develop` branch to be reviewed by at least one other member of the team; since back then there were only two of them (Jules and Yann), it was easy to know who that other team member was.

At this point, they didn’t feel the need for a tool such as Codacy, as the code reviews were quite simple and not that long. Things changed soon, however, with the arrival of just two new members (Thomas and Mathieu) to their development team and the adoption of Scala and related technologies.

With Codacy

Their code quality has improved, and they gained more visibility on their code and its quality.

“Code quality is an everyday job; it’s the responsibility of every member of the team and Codacy is a very good assistant in that everyday job.”

It is, but it’s also a learning tool:

“In our region, Scala is not spread at all. Finding developers with any experience with the language is quite impossible. Thus, we have to teach Scala to our new hires.

Codacy helps in that a lot! It signals a lot of bad code and bad practices.”

(And yes, they’re hiring)

Final Words

As many companies nowadays, Colisweb understands the benefits of code quality and absence of technical debt. They’re using Codacy to that regard and it’s been very beneficial to them.

It has helped them switch to a different technology and onboard developers who have a different technology stack.

Best thing about Codacy?

“First, it’s easy! We don’t spend time maintaining or configuring it. Second, Codacy is not just a review tool for us. It’s a learning tool!”