Moving to a modern development stack with Code Quality

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Introducing Avetta

Avetta is a SaaS company that helps mitigate the risks that creep up the supply chain and smoothen the integration of companies with their suppliers, vendors, and contractors. Their SaaS subscription software is used by 50k+ active customers in over 100 countries.

We spoke with Brian Wang, one of their Senior Software Developers.

Before Codacy

Much of Avetta’s original development stack was built on top of a typical Java stack. However, as scalability and security demands rose, they had to modernize their stack. Among others, this involved introducing Scala, NodeJS, and MongoDB into their codebase.

One of the challenges as they modernized their code was making sure they were doing it properly, right from the start:

“Developers agreed that coming up with standards and best practices was good, but enforcing a lot of them in code reviews quickly became a bottleneck.”

With Codacy

As soon as they started using Codacy, that bottleneck disappeared.

Avetta was already using a number of well-known tools, which meant that integrating Codacy in their workflow was really easy.

“Integrating Codacy into our GitHub, JIRA, and Slack workflow has vastly increased our productivity as well as code quality. It has given us a baseline standard of quality and even educated us in some idiosyncrasies in the Scala language.”

Nothing unexpected, of course, but something else happened as well:

“It has also given us a platform to bring up best practices in our weekly code review meetings. Topics that have sparked as a result have included: writing maintainable code, identifying concurrency bugs, why use SOLID principles, etc.”

It turns out that Codacy not only improves code quality and educational value, but also team dynamics in their pursuit of adopting best practices:

“Codacy has allowed us to educate our developers beyond the theoretical, but actually talk about issues we’re able to catch early on in our codebase. It has also motivated our teams to compete to produce higher quality code.”

That, of course, comes second only to the real value of Codacy:

“More than just educational, the result has been higher quality software for our happy customers.

Final Words

As many of our users, Avetta knows that there are many advantages to using Codacy, including a lot of saved time:

“Calculate the amount of time you spend doing code reviews, or even worse, fixing customer facing bugs, you will know Codacy is well worth it.”