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Codacy integration will allow you to spend less time in code reviews. Codacy will notify you when static analysis issues are found in your code and when it's good to merge free of issues.
Save hours of development

We automatically review code, helping developers become more efficient

Integrate Codacy with Bitbucket, GitHub or Gitlab enterprise by turning on code Codacy comments, pull request status and pull request code quality summary.
Integrated with your workflow

Codacy directly integrates with GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server (Stash) and GitLab and doesn't require a change of workflow

Keep track of your project's quality evolution and make sure you are cleaning your technical debt. Enforce quality standards on your projects.
Track your code quality

CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Technical Managers are able to track the code evolution and identify what should be improved

Loved by Developers

Thousands of companies use Codacy to analyse billions of lines of code. Every day.

Used by Adobe
Used by Paypal
Used by Cancer Research UK
Used by Toptal
Used by 47 Degrees
Used by Schneider Electric

Enterprise Ready

Codacy supports more than 25 languages such as, Scala, Ruby, Java, PHP and Python.
Multilanguage and extensible

We automatically review code, helping developers become more efficient

Fast and scalable analysis
Fast and scalable analysis

Codacy directly integrates with GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server (Stash) and GitLab and doesn't require a change of workflow

Codacy on-premise version includes all updates and new features that can be easily installed.
Continuous updates included

Receive new features and updates continuously and install them with one click. No maintenance or effort required.

Codacy on-premise can be easily and quickly installed through an user interface.
Easy installation and setup

Easily install and get started with Codacy on your own server behind your firewall.

On-premise version comes with high priority support assistance, ready to help through our support channels.
Great support

Top support team dedicated to helping you, highly responsive and ready to help answer all your questions.

With Codacy you can customize different levels of access to make sure your team only has access to what they need.
User management

Enterprise ready user management. Import your users, projects and organizations from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. Manage in one place, Codacy updates itself.

What our customers say

What Akara, Principal MTS at Paypal, says about Codacy
Akara Sucharitakul

Principal MTS at Paypal

"We came to rely on Codacy to analyze every commit and every pull request to catch code quality issues, manage code coverage, or even new bugs before we even accept the pull request, saving us a huge amount of churn and cost."

What Raúl Raja, CTO at 47 degrees, says about Codacy
Raúl Raja

CTO at 47 Degrees

"Codacy has probably saved us over two hours a day of valuable engineering time."

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What Jules Ivanic from Colisweb says about Codacy
Jules Ivanic

Colisweb Lead Developer and Technical Architect

"Code quality is an everyday job; it’s the responsibility of every member of the team and Codacy is a very good assistant in that everyday job."

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What Elton Minetto, CEO at Coderockr, says about Codacy
Elton Minetto

CEO at Coderockr

"With Codacy our code review process became fast and precise, especially thanks to the integration with GitHub and Slack. Now our team can receive an analysis in each commit and improve the code right away."

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