Code Climate Alternatives

If you are actively looking for an automated code review tool - especially for Code Climate alternatives - you might find a few comparison websites where Codacy stands as a good alternative. While they all do a pretty good job at summarizing the pros and cons, we think we can add more value to your research.

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Code climate alternatives

Thousands of companies - from startups to large enterprises - use Codacy. Every day.

Used by Autodesk.
Used by Paypal.
Used by Adobe.
Used by Schneider electric.
Used by O.C.Tanner.
Used by Blue Bottle Coffee.
Used by Delivery Hero.
Used by Toptal.
Used by Cancer Research UK.
Used by Deliveroo.

We keep improving

Do you imagine living in a world where programming languages are just a few and static analysis tools just stopped launching new versions? We don’t. That’s why we keep adding new programming languages and tools to Codacy so you can keep working at full pace shipping high-quality code every single day.
Unfortunately, our competitors stopped adding and maintaining new tools for more than a year and ended up with a very limited offer.

Today, we support and maintain more than 40 programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Kotlin, and PHP. You can rest assured we’ll keep updating all the tools you need to reduce any technical debt so you can actually focus on developing world-changing products.

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  • Seamless user management Seamless user management
  • Tackle technical debt Tackle technical debt
  • Configuration file support Configuration file support
  • Prevent security issues Prevent security issues
  • Setup quality standards Setup quality standards
  • Keep track of Code coverage Keep track of Code coverage

Smart and powerful features

Our concern is beyond offering only a powerful stack of tools. We care about the way you work. That’s why we have developed the most seamless (1-click) integrations on the market, for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket, so you can enjoy real-time commit and pull request checks without interrupting your workflow.

Since automated code review is our focus we want to adapt to your needs as much as we can. That’s why we want to make the configuration part quick and easy. Unlike our competitors, Codacy reads your configuration file directly from your repo or you can just configure patterns directly on it.

You can use Codacy as a learning developer but it’s as a team that you’ll see the real benefits of using automated code reviews. Your code patterns can be defined on a project level and easily imported into other projects of your choice. While Code Climate only analyses pull requests on a specific branch, branch and PR analysis work out of the box as we integrate with your Git provider.

All in all, Code Climate was a great tool a few years ago but they stopped innovating their code quality product while focusing on their Velocity tool instead. Codacy officially supports Scala, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Apex, JSP, XML, Velocity, VisualForce, C#, JSON and Kotlin. Thanks to our active community, we also offer languages that were added by our users — CoffeeScript, CSS, C/C++, Dockerfile, SASS, Shell Script, Swift, TypeScript, LESS, Go and SQL all work — and more are being added all the time.