All the features you need

  • No Installation Required
    No Installation Required

    Codacy directly links to your Git repositories. No hassle.

  • Multilanguage

    Codacy supports JavaScript, Scala, Java, PHP, Python, CoffeeScript, CSS, Ruby, Swift and C/C++.

  • New and fixes issues
    New and fixes issues

    See only the new issues in commits and Pull Requests.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security
    Enterprise-Grade Security

    Codacy has strong security requirements. Learn more.

  • Get notifications when new issues are found
    Get notifications when new issues are found

    Receive notification only when new issues are found.

  • Security and Performance Checks
    Security and Performance Checks

    Codacy offers a selection of Security and performance checks.

  • Config. files for all your projects
    Config. files for all your projects

    Apply the same configuration to all your projects.

  • Cloud or On-premise version
    Cloud or On-premise version

    Codacy offers a cloud or an on-premise version. Learn more.

  • Code Coverage
    Code Coverage

    See the impact of your commits on code coverage.

  • Thousand of rules
    Thousand of rules

    Codacy offers a selection of hundreds of Code Patterns.

  • Analyse different branches
    Analyse different branches

    Compare the quality of different branches in Codacy.

  • Flexible and Customizable
    Flexible and Customizable

    Select the rules that matter and configure the parameters. You can even create your own rules.

  • Code duplication
    Code duplication

    See Code duplication in Codacy.

  • Churn/Complexity

    Discover hotspots in your code.

  • Ignore issues
    Ignore issues

    Ignore issues that are not relevant to you and keep your analysis clean.

  • Time to fix issues estimation
    Time to fix issues estimation

    Codacy estimates the time to fix issues to better manage your time.

  • Project statistics
    Project statistics

    See advanced KPIs on your files: lines of code, methods, complexity, etc.

  • PR autocomments on GH/BB/GL
    PR autocomments on GH/BB/GL

    Turn on Codacy autocomments and know exactly where your issues are.

  • Documentation on every issue
    Documentation on every issue

    Codacy documents all the issues and links to community resources.

  • Manage user roles and permissions
    Manage user roles and permissions

    Admins, developers, read or write. Only grant access to what you need.

  • Set goals and fix your technical debt
    Set goals and fix your technical debt

    Set and track goals over time to help you refactor and tackle your technical debt.

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All the tools you love

  • GitHub

    Connect to your GitHub account to comment on commits, create issues and add status to pull requests.

  • Bitbucket

    Link with your Bitbucket account and create issues and comment on commits.

  • JIRA

    Quickly and easily create issues for results found on Codacy and get the best out of your team.

  • Hipchat

    Send notifications to a Hipchat room when there are changes.

  • Slack

    Post updates to Slack channel when there are changes so your team can be on top of everything.

  • YouTrack

    Connect with YouTrack to create issues for results found on Codacy.

  • Jenkins

    Always be in sync! Connect with Jenkins to send all your new issues.


  • Atlassian Enterprise
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • GitLab