How 47 Degrees saved 2 hours per day


Time saved in reviews


Languages used


Raúl Raja

CTO at 47 Degrees and Scala advisory board member

“If you care about Code Quality, every single decision you make that will affect the code base needs to be checked for consistency."

About 47 Degrees

47 Degrees is a global consulting firm focused on Scala, Akka, the Play Framework and Spark. They’re Lightbend and Databricks certified partners and they also have experts in Android and iOS. Check out some of their projects.

They do custom projects for their clients and help many of these companies migrate from Java and other languages to Scala and adopt the new tools that come with this technology.

It is also relevant to mention that they are very active members of the Scala community; they organize several events and attend and speak at many others.

47 Degrees recently joined the Scala Center Advisory Board, where it will be represented by its co-founder and CTO: Raúl Raja.

We spoke with Raúl.

Before Codacy

Raúl’s team is comprised of 20 engineers who work in smaller teams focusing on specific projects. Every single one of these smaller teams has a team lead who, among other things, takes on the role of doing Code Review.

Be it code style or actual implementation, this person has to analyse every single pull request coming from the rest of the team. Obviously, that takes a lot of time; but the real problem comes when that time doesn’t even exist.

Raúl met Codacy in San Francisco some time ago and realised we could be of help.

Before, 47 Degrees used to manually code review every pull request for style and correctness of some common good practices, meaning that someone very knowledgeable or experienced with the language would have to be available.

With Codacy

After they adopted Codacy, they were able to direct some of their time to other tasks. With an average of 4 pull requests a day, if that means 30 minutes to review each one, that’s a total of 2 hours right there.

“Now that we have Codacy, we only have to review for actual implementation”

And this is something we have seen over and over with our clients: Codacy steps in and reviewers start being able to do their job better, on account of all the time that it saves them.

“Codacy has probably saved us over two hours a day of valuable engineering time.”

And what is the best thing about having Codacy around? “The assurance that you’re going to get consistent style merged to the main branch every time someone submits a pull request.”

Final Words

47 Degrees is an amazing company with incredible engineers (we know, we’ve met quite a few of them). They care about Code Quality and take their job very seriously.
“If you care about Code Quality, every single decision you make that will affect the code base needs to be checked for consistency. With Codacy, we have successfully reduced the time required to maintain the level of consistency we demand for ourselves, as well as our clients.

When you don’t have the time to review every pull request for style and good or bad patterns, you can end up with a lot of technical debt.

Codacy helps us eliminate a lot of that technical debt by providing a quick analysis of our code, ensuring that everything that’s committed meets our high-quality standards and best practices.”