How Codacy lightened the load of Barracuda Networks' Product team

Dana Woolcock

Dana Woolcock

Senior Engineering Manager – Cross Engineering

“We would recommend Codacy to companies who don’t currently have a static code analysis tool that would like to move in that direction. It is easy to install and easy to onboard teams and customize to the needs of each repo.”

About Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks is a worldwide leader in security, application delivery and data protection solutions.

Primary languages used by its development teams include Perl, Go, C++, C, JavaScript, PHP and Python. Bitbucket is used as its version control system.


Barracuda Networks sought consistency in tooling and ease of implementation across the organization in order to put less work on the product team.

Why Codacy

Codacy provides support for the vast majority of Barracuda Networks' 24+ languages (including markup/down). With the wide range of supported languages, product teams did not need to pick and choose between tools. Codacy’s community supported languages also helped fill in the gaps and get language support out faster.

With Codacy

Codacy helps Barracuda Networks create a more uniform codebase for its product by identifying consistency and standardization problems upfront. It is used for static code analysis in order to meet security standards within its global product teams. Integrating directly into Bitbucket, Barracuda Networks’ teams can achieve results every time they pull request (“PR”) code into their projects.
The backup team also uses Codacy to help identify several code problems on PRs. This may include overly complex/long methods, classes with high interdependency between them and more.

Codacy is used to scan Barracuda Networks microservices for coding issues and to analyze test coverage.

Other Benefits

At times, Codacy flags an issue which is related to some language-level functionality that the Barracuda Networks team is not aware of, prompting the team to research the perceived issue. Even if it turns out not to be a problem, Codacy helps identify a potential problem and spurs the team to learn and understand the language in more depth.

Codacy also helps identify branches in code logic which do not have sufficient code coverage. Although coverage tools may report 100% line coverage, Codacy identifies branches in the logic itself in which writing conditional code was forgotten. It will write conditional code for these areas and flag coverage based on that missing logic.


Barracuda Networks will continue to adopt Codacy to fit the needs of its individual products. Barracuda Networks is experimenting with integrating Codacy with Github, as it primarily uses Bitbucket at this point.